Ridiculous DJ Academy

Lessons in the art of DJing

Being a DJ is more than just playing music: A real DJ knows how to interpret music on a creative level and has the skills to turn their ideas into a unique and exciting mix. The Ridiculous DJ Academy can help you get a better understanding of the music you love and gives you the hands-on skills you need to put together a perfect DJ set. We offer lessons to DJs of all skill levels, in all different types of DJing, and in all genres of music.


    Introduction to DJing

    Get a complete overview of the foundational skills of DJing. Lessons will touch on equipment basics, audio basics, gain structuring, building a music library, creating a first set, hardware control, equipment selection, and beatmatching. Beginners can choose from one of three paths: Hip-Hop mixing, EDM mixing, or Mobile DJing for events.

    Advanced DJing

    For experienced DJs who have already been playing gigs or spent hours practicing we offer focused lessons in a variety of DJ skills.

    • Advanced lessons in Serato DJ: SP6 Sampler or DJFx
    • Upgrading your equipment and purchasing a PA system
    • Advanced scratching and hip-hop mixing tricks
    • Recording a mixtape and producing drops or sfx
    • Expanding your expertise and DJing in new genres
    • Custom lessons to prepare for a big gig or event

    Beatmaking and Music Production 101

    Making it in the music business today depends on expanding your talents. Learn the basic skills that any recording engineer, beatmaker or music producer needs. Using Pro Tools, Reaper Ableton Live, Reason, Logic, and many different hardware platforms, you will learn all about recording and creating the future sound of music.

    We're currently booking private one-on-one lessons dependent on availability.

    Private Lessons @ $100/hour within Baltimore City. 
    Travel time @ $50/hour of actual travel time.

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